Detailing in Sarasota

Detailing in Sarasota

Brandon Wergelis founded Brandon's Auto Detailing while still in high school. Wergelis rapidly recognized that he was not interested in glistening vehicles on the side. He recognized his passion and made the decision to grow the business. Wergelis began his auto detailing business in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, following his high school graduation. After five years of auto detailing in Pennsylvania, Wergelis got the opportunity to expand his firm to Florida, offering detailing in Sarasota. Wergelis began delivering auto detailing and paint correction services in 2017 when he launched his first facility. Wergs Detail was the name he chose for his business. By 2019, his business had grown even larger, and he renamed it Wergs Automotive to better reflect the expanding offerings. 

Wergs Automotive offers Saturday hours by appointment in addition to regular weekday hours, allowing clients to schedule services around their schedule.
Wergs Automotive offers a variety of services, including new and used vehicle sales and consignment. Customers can rent cars or SUVs ranging from economy to luxury to exotic performance vehicles while their vehicle is being detailed or just for fun. Seven days a week, clients have access to climate-controlled storage. Auto detailing, ceramic coating, and paint correction Shielding film for paint Automobile detailing, aftermarket performance parts sales, and airport shuttle service are all available. Wergs Automotive is quickly developing and has ambitions to expand into new markets around Florida. Education and expertise in the field are essential.

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